The Murphy Plywood Difference

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Murphy Custom Crafted is the new benchmark in hardwood plywood. Always made to your specifications, Murphy quality comes from a mill that has nearly 50 years of hardwood plywood manufacturing experience. The result is custom products that exceed customer expectations and national standards – every panel every time. With precision thickness demanded by manufacturers, you can count on Murphy to deliver quality plywood when you need it.

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About Hardwood Lumber


There is a lot to learn about hardwood lumber. Let’s start off with the simple facts.

Grading Hardwood Lumber

When it comes to grading hardwood lumber, the NHLA is the go-to industry standard for grading rules. The National Hardwood Lumber Association has been supplying the industry with standardized grading rules since 1897. The following guidelines are selected from the 2011 NHLA rules book.

FAS Lumber

  • highest grade of hardwood lumber available today
  • Abbreviation for First and Seconds (FAS)
  • Width: 6″ + Wider
  • Length: 8′ to 16′
  • Minimum cutting: 4″ x 5′ or 3″ x 7′
  • End split may be no longer in inches than the length of the board, i.e. a 9 foot long board can have end split no longer than 9 inches.
  • Average diameter of knots or holes may be no wider in inches than 1/3 the surface measurement in feet.

FAS-1 Face (F1F)

  • Face of board will be graded FAS
  • Reverse side to grade #1 common or better
  • Wane on the No. 1 Common side is limited to the following: the width of wane from both edges, when added together, cannot exceed 1/3 the total width of the piece. The total length of wane on either edge cannot exceed 1/2 the length

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Plywood Info

Understanding the grades and lingo on plywood can be a bit confusing. Let’s run down all the information that you need to know in order to get the best plywood for the job.


Grade Photo

Veneer Face Grades

  • A Grade

    minimal natural characteristics, uniform structure. Good dimension. Consistent.

  • B Grade

    allows for more traditional natural characteristics like gum, pin knots, figure, sugar, etc.

  • C Grade

    typically used for the backs of plywood, or interior parts of furniture or cabinets.

Veneer Back Grades

  • 1 Grade

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  • 2 Grade

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  • 3 Grade

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  • 4 Grade

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