You could buy all of your lumber from us, take it to you shop, and machine it yourself, but why would you want to spend your valuable time and energy doing something that we can do at a fraction of the cost?

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Using a 25″ Industrial Double Surface Planer, we can surface any board to a uniform thickness and two clean faces in one pass.

Gang/Straight Line Rip

Save yourself both time and money by letting us rip your lumber for you. We offer straight-line ripping on one edge, or gang ripping to a specified width up to 25″ wide.


In case you need rough lumber in thicknesses other than our standard sizes we offer a resawing service. We can also provide S3S lumber with one rough face if your project requires it.

Custom Moulding cincinnati ohio


We operate two high speed industrial moulders and are capable of producing upwards of 20,000 lineal feet of stock and custom mouldings every day, all produced to our industry leading quality standards.


If you have a big job that calls for uniform parts, American Wood Source specializes in cutting parts to exact sizes. Our Cut-to-Size machine cuts perfectly square and holds measurements to within a 1/64″ tolerance.


Using our industrial sander, we can sand flat profiles up to 60 inches wide at extremely precise thicknesses.