American Wood Source carries a wide variety of veneers to meet the needs of our customers. If you need a particular combination of veneers and a core type that you just can’t find anywhere, we can usually custom make to your specs.

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Veneer Paper-Backed Sheets

For true versatility, nothing compares to the natural beauty of our paper-backed, premium matched hardwood veneer. Each sheet is tenderized and sanded to meet our stringent quality inspection.

No Black Line (NBL)

NBL laminates provide the custom woodworker with superior flexibility and performance when compared to other wood-backed products. NBL’s patented 3-ply construction produces an extremely pliable, moisture-resistant sheet without the black edge associated with phenolic and foil backers.

Duraback Hardwood Veneers

DuraBackā„¢ is extremely bendable, unlike standard laminate backers. DuraBackā„¢ hardwood veneer can be pre-finished, and may be used where solvent-based adhesive restrictions require woodworkers to use water-based glues.

PSA Veneer Sheets

PSA Hardwood Veneer provides a simple and easy alternative for applying veneer without the need for a secondary adhesive. Utilizing the best quality 3M Brand PSA adhesives, our peel & stick veneer provides a permanent bond to virtually any smooth substrate that is dry and free of dust and contaminants.

2-Ply Hardwood Veneer

2-Ply hardwood veneer has a perpendicular face-to-back construction utilizing a thin acrylic membrane to provide protection against bubbling, glue seepage and telegraphing. The crossband construction allows FormWood 2-Ply veneer to bend on moderate curves in the horizontal or vertical direction.

Veneer edgebanding - various thickness - Dayton Ohio

Veneer Edgebanding

Veneer edgebanding is available in a wide variety of widths, thickness, and species.

Three types of edgebanding available: